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Windhorst: Here's What LeBron James Thinks Of Lonzo Ball

LeBron James walks out of a press conference.

There are many people who don't think LeBron James can co-exist in Los Angeles with LaVar Ball around. That seems like a combustible combo.

However, by all accounts, LeBron does like Lonzo Ball and his game. When the second-year pro was playing in the Las Vegas Summer League last summer, LeBron checked out one of the games.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst, appearing on The Hoop Collective with Tim McMahon, Jackie McMullan and Andrew Han, discussed LeBron's thoughts on Lonzo.

He insists King James likes the young point guard.

For now, LeBon seems to be fine with the idea of playing alongside Lonzo. Also, LaVar has said publicly he's excited LeBron is in LA and he thinks he and his son will win "multiple championships" together.

We'll see how long this lasts. With reports that the Lakers think LaVar Ball leaked Lonzo's knee injury to keep th Lakers from trading him, the franchise is probably not happy with the patriarch of the Ball family.

You can listen to the full Hoop Collective podcast here.