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Wizards Reporter Blasts Colin Cowherd For His John Wall Criticism

Colin Cowherd speaking on his show on FS1.


The CSN Washington insider had a message for Colin Cowherd.

Colin Cowherd's favorite thing in the world is attempting to criticize John Wall.

The Fox Sports 1 personality first criticized the Washington Wizards' superstar for dancing before his first game as a rookie. He's since questioned his leadership because he didn't grow up with a dad and said a bunch of other things.

Wall, a four-time All-Star, has become one of the best players in the league, does a ridiculous amount of charity work in the D.C. area and just seems to be a pretty great guy. Cowherd hasn't let up in his criticism, though, saying the other day that Wall lacks star power.

“He doesn’t have star power. Where’s his big shoe deal? Where are the endorsements for John Wall? John Wall is a great player, he doesn’t have any star power. … Steph Curry’s got star power. Westbrook’s got star power. James Harden, the beard’s got star power. Aaron Rodgers, the look, the commercials, star power. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, that’s star power. John Wall’s got no star power, no influence in the league, none. Nobody goes to their games in D.C. In sports he’s about the sixth-biggest star in the city. There are columnists that are more known. Last night, the hockey ratings doubled the NBA ratings Washington. … Everyone knows the Celtics’ backstory. People in D.C. don’t even know the Wizards’ backstory. … I know Washington’s history better than the average Wizards fan does. Nobody wants to watch the Wizards. Wall doesn’t have any fans,” Cowherd said, as transcribed by the Washington Post.

Chris Miller, a Wizards reporter for CSN who's covered Wall since he came into the league, has had enough of the blow-hard personality.

He sent him this message for Game 6 of the Wizards-Celtics series, the same game in which Wall hit a game-winning 3 in the final seconds.

Point: Miller and Wall.