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Everyone Is Talking About What Adrian Wojnarowski Is Doing On Twitter During The Draft

Adrian Wojnarowski appearing on ESPN.


ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski is getting creative tonight at the NBA Draft as he does what he does best: break news.

Earlier today, it was reported that reporters from ESPN, Turner and Yahoo would not "tip" picks on Twitter before they were announced on TV. Wojnarowski is known for "scooping" picks, so it was fair to wonder how this would affect him.

“Reporters from league broadcast partners ESPN, Turner Sports and Yahoo will be prohibited from disclosing draft selections on social media before they are officially announced, according to multiple people with direct knowledge of the decision,” the New York Times wrote.

Well, Woj has simply been skirting the rules by saying a team is taking a player without explicitly saying it.

His tweet game is on point tonight.

This has honestly been the highlight of the draft. Woj knows what he's doing.

He'll catch flak from his bosses, but the guy knows he's being paid for information. He's a reporter, first and foremost.