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World Triathlon Announces Decision On Transgender Athletes

World Triathlon will allow transgender women to compete in the women's division under tighter restrictions.

The Olympic sport's governing body announced Wednesday that a transgender woman who "has competed as a male in any sporting competition" before transitioning must wait four years before entering women's events.

Athletes also must maintain a lower maximum testosterone level of 2.5 nanomoles per liter for at least two years.

Per the Associated Press, World Triathlon president and International Olympic Committee member Marisol Casado commented on the decision.

"The policy that we have just approved shows that we are prioritizing the fairness principle but showing inclusiveness," Casado said. "It is fully aligned with the IOC’s recommendation and similar to what other (governing bodies) have done in the last months."

The testosterone policy is comparable to guidelines created by the International Cycling Union in June. 

However, the Triathlon's measures aren't drastic as those taken by FINA. Swimming's governing body agreed to block all transgender women who have gone through male puberty from competing with other women.

World Triathlon's new policy will go into place in 30 days.