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A Video Game Star Dumped His Supermodel Girlfriend To Focus On A New Game

yanet garcia and her boyfriend on instagram

One of the most-popular video game players in the world has broken up with his supermodel girlfriend so he can focus more on his video games.

FaZe Censor, one of the top Call of Duty players in the world, announced in a video posted to YouTube that he had broken up with girlfriend Yanet Garcia.

Garcia, a model/actress, has more than 6 million followers on Instagram. She first went viral while appearing as a weather woman on Mexico TV.

TMZ Sports has details on the explanation for the breakup:

In a 10 minute speed rant, Censor praised Garcia as an "awesome girl" -- who's smart and talented -- but says they're just not on the same page anymore. "I gotta do what's right for me," Censor said ... explaining that Garcia recently took a job in Mexico City where she can focus on growing her career as a model and an actress. Censor made it clear his eye is on the prize -- "I'll do whatever it takes to be a champion."

Garcia and Censor had appeared to be quite happy together.

Garcia appears to be taking the breakup in decent fashion. She's posted several photos on Instagram.

You can follow her on Instagram

Bonito jueves ☀️☔️ @programahoy ❤️ Mexican Weather Girl ??

A post shared by Yanet Garcia ?? (@iamyanetgarcia) on Mar 15, 2018 at 9:52am PDT