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Yankees Fans Did Something Ridiculous After Aaron Judge's Injury Was Announced At The Stadium

Yankees fans held a candlelight vigil after hearing of Aaron Judge's injury.

Yankees slugger Aaron Judge was hit in the wrist with a pitch on Thursday night, and unfortunately, he's going to miss three weeks of play because of it. Judge has a chip fracture, but it's expected to heal on its own. Judge won't need surgery.

A wrist injury is no fun, to be sure. But Judge isn't in serious trouble health-wise, and he certainly isn't dead. Yankees fans were acting that way on Thursday night after hearing the news.

Once news made its way through Yankee Stadium, fans in attendance all lit up their phones to give him a "candlelight" vigil. Seriously.

A number of fans at the stadium posted video of the event. It's another reminder that Yankees fans are unlike any other group when it comes to baseball. Check it out:

Predictably, fans of other teams are ripping Yankees supporters.

Judge is one of the most beloved players on the Yankees - and one of the most popular players in the league. While it isn't great to hear that he's going to be missing time, it could have been worse. He'll likely be back in the lineup long before the playoffs.

The Yankees, at the moment, are looking up at the Boston Red Sox in the AL East. This didn't help their chances of catching them down the stretch.