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Video: Yankee Fan Loses Ring While Proposing To Girlfriend

Yankees fan stares helplessly after losing an engagement ring.


While proposing to his girlfriend, a Yankees fan dropped the engagement ring.

Agony and ecstasy. That is what one New York Yankee fan endured after dropping to one knee to propose to his girlfriend, only to find out the ring was gone. Stunned, the young man looked on in disbelief as fellow Yankee fans and even rival Red Sox fans looked anxiously for the ring.

The search party eventually found the precious jewel, and to the Yankee fan's delight, she said yes! As if the poor kid wasn't nervous enough at the thought of proposing in front of the surrounding fans. The commentators narrate our every thought, just hoping the ring is found so that the moment ends happily.

Congratulations are in order for the couple! Although most proposals are difficult for a couple to forget, this will surely be a moment that they cherish and laugh about for years to come.