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Brett McMurphy Expounds On His Latest Zach Smith Report

zach smith gives an interview on espn

College football insider Brett McMurphy, now an employee of Stadium, appeared on the radio this morning to expound on his Zach Smith report that dropped on Friday evening.

The latest report alleged that the former Ohio State assistant coach had thousands of dollars worth of adult toys sent to the Buckeyes' facility and that he took nude photos while inside the White House, among other things.

This morning, McMurphy appeared on Clay Travis' radio show to discuss his report and why he felt is was relevant.

“If you’re an Ohio State fan, you don’t like (the new info) and if you’re not an Ohio State fan, you love it,” McMurphy said, per 247Sports. “The main reason I reported it is because Zach Smith was an employee at Ohio State having sex with a subordinate in the football office. He (took pictures) on a phone he conducts university business on. He was having all the (sex toys) items delivered, not to his personal home, but his place of employment.

"This goes toward the lack of credibility this guy has when you factor in (the other stuff). The woman he had sex with was reassigned to another department in the summer of 2015. She was reassigned after what went on, but he remained employed.”

Full details of the report can be seen here.

McMurphy then detailed some questions he would ask Meyer if he could.

"If I could ask Urban Meyer two questions, that would be one of the questions and the other question would be, 'Why did you lie about this at media days?'" McMurphy said. "Everything I reported about Zach Smith’s past in 2009 and 2015, somebody at Ohio State knew about this information. Or multiple people. Zach Smith is the same person he is today as he was in 2015, 2013 and 2009. Ohio State never had a problem with Zach Smith until the information went public. Ohio State, not only Urban, needs to answer that question."

Ohio State's investigation into Urban Meyer, meanwhile, was supposed to be wrapped up on Sunday. Stay tuned.