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1-On-1 With Former NFL Executive Mike Tannebaum: The 2022 QB Carousel

Russell Wilson on the field.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - JANUARY 02: Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks looks on during the first quarter against the Detroit Lions at Lumen Field on January 02, 2022 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

It's been a wild week in the NFL to say the least. Over the past 48 hours, we've seen Carson Wentz and Russell Wilson traded.

Fortunately, we were able to catch up with ESPN's Mike Tannenbaum to discuss these trades and the impact they'll have on the league.

Tannenbaum, a former general manager for the New York Jets and executive vice president of football operations for the Miami Dolphins, has first-hand knowledge when it comes to front offices working out blockbuster deals like this.

Additionally, Tannenbaum is a co-founder of The 33rd Team, a site that offers premier NFL analysis from former executives and coaches.

With that being said, it was interesting to see how Tannenbaum views the current quarterback market.

The Spun: Washington went from pursuing Russell Wilson to landing Carson Wentz. How quickly does a team move off from its Plan A during the offseason?

Mike Tannenbaum: You’re having those situations in parallel. So you’re not just sitting on the phone waiting for Russell Wilson. You’re talking to multiple teams and having multiple conversations. It’s clear to me that Washington is trying to make the best out of this situation. They gave up a lot for a guy who is going to play with three teams in three years, but I don’t think they had another choice.

The Spun: Washington was willing to take on Wentz’s full contract. Do you believe that’s so they give up less draft picks, or do you it’s because they have a lot of confidence in him as a player?

MT: I think it’s because you’re all in on the guy. Clearly, it’s not going to be Ryan Fitzpatrick or Taylor Heinicke. So this could be their way of saying they’re all in on Wentz.

The Spun: If the Colts pursue Jimmy Garoppolo, do you think they’d have to give up what they received for Carson Wentz?

MT: I think it’s going to be a lot more now. I just feel like the quarterback market just keeps going up because if you don’t have one, you have no chance whatsoever.

The Spun: How much of the groundwork for these blockbuster trades gets completed at the NFL Combine?

MT: I’d say a substantial amount, there’s no doubt about it.

The Spun: When the Russell Wilson trade goes through, do you think it’s because Seattle has its sights set on a rookie, or does the front office want to flip those picks for another quarterback?

MT: I think it’s the optionality of all those things. You’re sitting there with a top-10 pick now and are thinking ‘Hey, we could draft Kenny Pickett or Malik Willis. Maybe we could pursue Deshaun Watson. Maybe we could move back to acquire more picks for next year’s draft.’ I think all those options are in play.

The Spun: How much do these trades affect the value of Mitchell Trubisky and/or Jameis Winston?

MT: I think those guys will do really well as free agents. There’s still a really high supply and demand at the position.

The Spun: If you had to guess, who gets traded first: Jimmy Garoppolo or Deshaun Watson?

MT: I think Jimmy Garoppolo will get traded first for sure.


With quarterbacks like Garoppolo and Watson still available on the trade market, the next few weeks should be very eventful.