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5-Time Pro Bowler Announces His NFL Retirement

Two generic NFL footballs.

(Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

While the biggest stories this NFL offseason consist of trades and signings, it appears one well-known player is ready to announce his retirement. After putting together a career full of achievements, Haloti Ngata is officially saying goodbye to the game of football.

It's hard to find an individual or team accomplish that Ngata didn't reach in his career. His time in the NFL features five trips to the Pro Bowl, multiple postseason appearances and won the Super Bowl during the 2020 season.

Ngata isn't a sack artist on the defensive line, but he could cause chaos in the trenches. The All-Pro had the versatility to make big plays in the running game, yet also demand a double team in pass-rushing scenarios.

Although he might still have enough skill in the tank to keep playing, the star defensive tackle is leaving the game on his terms.

Ngata went on social media to reveal his retirement plans, saying "I might be finished playing football, but I’m holding tight to the friendships, memories and wisdom I’ve gained along the way."

Here is the full post:

Despite spending time with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Detroit Lions, Ngata will always go down as a member of the Baltimore Ravens.

Congratulations to him on an excellent career in the NFL.