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A Favorite Has Emerged In The Tony Romo Chase

One team appears to be in better position than others.

Tony Romo is still a Dallas Cowboy, a day after it was reported that he was going to be released, but he's going to be moved - eventually.

Now, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, it looks like he'll be moved via a trade, and not be released.

It's been thought all along that the two teams most-likely to land Romo are the Denver Broncos and the Houston Texans. One of those teams now seems to be better positioned to make a trade - the Texans.

Houston is trading Brock Osweiler and his mammoth contract to the Cleveland Browns, freeing up some serious cap space - the type of space they need to trade for Romo and his contract.

How incredible would an All-Texas, Houston-Cowboys, Dak-Romo Super Bowl be? The greatest sporting event in the history of the world, probably.