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Photo: Danica Patrick, Aaron Rodgers Show Off Halloween Costumes

danica patrick and aaron rodgers celebrate

Aaron Rodgers takes his Halloween very seriously. The Green Bay Packers quarterback usually does a solid job with his costume, and this year, he has girlfriend Danica Patrick involved.

Rodgers is tip-toeing on another quarterback's territory with his get-up this year, as well. Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew has been drawing comparisons to Napoleon Dynamite character Uncle Rico (a self-described rocket-armed quarterback in his own right) this year, thanks in large part to his impressive mustache game.

Rodgers went as Uncle Rico for the Packers' annual Halloween party this year, with Patrick going as Deb from the 2004 cult classic. Both did a very solid job with their costumes.

They weren't, however, the best on the Packers this year. That is not to fault them, the team really got into it this year. As mentioned in the Instagram caption above, star tackle Bryan Bulaga and his wife Abbie dressed as Rodgers and Patrick. Unfortunately we haven't been able to find a picture of both of them, but Bulaga had a red Rodgers practice jersey on, with the mustache that Rodgers wears on occasion and everything.

The best costume that we've seen from the Packers, however, has to go to Jimmy Graham and assistant trainer NAte Weir. It is hard to pull off a more perfect Aaron Judge/Jose Altuve than this.

Even the height difference is almost exactly right.

The Packers are back in action on Sunday, at the Los Angeles Chargers. Aaron Rodgers can probably throw it over them mountains if he wants to, but it's more likely that he'll find Graham and maybe even a recovered Davante Adams in the end zone.