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Adrian Peterson Reveals What He Yelled At Sean Payton

Adrian Peterson yells at Sean Payton.

Here's what the star running back yelled at his head coach.

Adrian Peterson was seen screaming at Sean Payton on the sideline late in the Saints' loss to the Vikings on Monday night.

New Orleans struggled to run the ball, with Peterson totaling just 18 yards on six carries in his debut with the team.

He was, understandably, frustrated.

Peterson has revealed what he was saying. It's not as vicious as it looks (at least he's saying it's not as vicious as it looks).

Payton told reporters after the game that the exchange wasn't heated.

"Listen, I’d tell you if we were in a heated exchange, so why don’t you ask him? He was into it, we were all into it, there was none that I can recall. And I’m being honest,” he said at his press conference.

New Orleans is set to host New England next Sunday.