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Bills' Odds Of Missing Playoffs From 2000-2016 Was 1 In 6 Million, Per ESPN Stats & Info

With their overtime loss to the Miami Dolphins today, the Buffalo Bills are officially out of the playoffs for the 17th straight season.

While a few franchises stand out as elite, and contend for Super Bowls often, overall the league is built for parity. And even with that being the case, somehow the Buffalo Bills have beaten the odds... well, in a manner of speaking at least.

Today's overtime loss to the Dolphins knocks the Bills from playoff contention, making it 17 straight seasons without a post-season berth. According to ESPN Stats & Info, the odds of a team missing the playoffs for that many consecutive years is an astronomical one in six-million.

One in six million. Well, one in approximately six million.

That was the probability, according to ESPN Stats & Information, that the Buffalo Bills would miss the playoffs from the 2000 through 2016 seasons. For mathematical purposes, that calculation assumes each team had an equal chance of qualifying for the postseason each year.

The Bills are currently on the longest post-season drought in the four major American sports. In the early 1990s, the franchise went to, and lost, four straight Super Bowls, torturing the fan base. 23 years after that fourth Super Bowl loss, the team can't even sniff the playoffs.