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Should Cardale Jones Start The Final 3 Games Of The Year For The Buffalo Bills?

Sitting at 6-7 and effectively out of the playoffs, it's time for the Bills to bench Tyrod Taylor and hand over the reigns to Cardale Jones.

According to FiveThirtyEight, the Bills have a 2% chance of making the playoffs this season. I'm not a mathematician, but I know that those odds are bad. The Bills are third in the AFC East behind the the Patriots and the Dolphins, and the mighty defense that Rex Ryan was supposed to build just gave up 298 all-purpose yards to Pittsburgh's Le'Veon Bell.

So yeah, things are pretty hopeless in Buffalo, and Rex Ryan could be on his way out the door the literal moment the season ends if he doesn't show some kind of improvement. Everything is going wrong for this team, and they're in dire need of a spark, so why not pull out all the stops at this point?

For all those reasons, I'd say it's time.

It's time to give Cardale Jones the start at quarterback. No, he won't get the Bills into the playoffs, and no, he won't be able to stop the defense from serving as little more than a doormat for opposing offenses, but he could get the offense going again, and he could provide some much needed optimism after what has been an ugly second half of the season. It's a no-pressure situation for the Ohio State product, and it's an excellent opportunity to see what he's made of.

Of the seven losses suffered by the Bills this year, five have been by a touchdown or less. Those are winnable games! A competent quarterback can close those gaps. Now, the losses aren't solely on the shoulders of starter Tyrod Taylor, but goodness, he has been less than impressive this year, with no real signs of progress. Taylor's completion percentage, QB rating and yards per pass have all dropped from last year. The stat that hasn't? Interceptions. He's already matched his tally of six from a year ago, with three games left in the season.

For the Bills to take the next step into actual relevancy, they need a franchise quarterback they can count on. Tyron Taylor isn't that guy, but Cradle Jones might be. Now is the ideal time to give it a shot.