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Here's How Much Snow Fell Near Bills Stadium This Week

A general view of the Buffalo Bills stadium during the snow.

(Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

A historic snowstorm slammed several New York regions this weekend. In fact, some areas actually received over six feet of snow.     

Orchard Park has recorded 77 inches of snow, according to National Weather Service Buffalo. 

Earlier this week, the NFL relocated the Bills' upcoming game against the Browns. That move was made strictly because of the weather conditions in Buffalo. 

Now, this Sunday's game between the Bills and Browns will be played at Ford Field in Detroit.  

The Bills have not yet boarded their team flight to the Motor City. The airport runways have finally reopened, so it's possible they'll leave town in the coming hours. 

Getting to the airport won't be an easy task for the Bills. Several roads have been shut down due to this massive snowstorm.   

As for residents in the Buffalo region, they'll have a lot of shoveling to do over the next few days.

We're hoping everyone stays safe this weekend.