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ESPN Analyst, Former NFL QB Destroyed Josh Allen's Film Before Draft

Josh Allen is taken down by a Nebraska linebacker.

LINCOLN, NE - SEPTEMBER 10: Quarterback Josh Allen #17 of the Wyoming Cowboys passes out of the hold from linebacker Josh Banderas #52 of the Nebraska Cornhuskers at Memorial Stadium on September 10, 2016 in Lincoln, Nebraska. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)

In a draft full of quarterbacks that no one can seem to agree on, Josh Allen is among the most divisive. On Thursday night, the Buffalo Bills jumped up to No. 7 to take him, making him the third QB off the board. Hours earlier, ESPN's Matt Hasselbeck tore up Josh Allen film.

The former Seahawks quarterback pointed to Allen's play in two-minute drill situations. Obviously, he was looking at negative plays. Still, it was ugly.

Allen definitely struggles to make reads throughout the film. The play at around 30 seconds, where Allen looks from right to left, and attempts to find receivers that don't exist before scrambling for no gain, is especially jarring.

Therein lies the grave concern with Allen. He has a giant arm, but we've seen those types of quarterbacks fail before.

JaMarcus Russell's arm strength was legendary. He had plenty of other off-field issues, but he could never put it together.

Allen works out well, and his arm is impressive, and he has prototypical NFL size. And yet, those of us who saw Josh Allen play in college don't really get how he became this top 10 pick.

Matt Hasselbeck's breakdown of Josh Allen film is a pretty perfect representation of those concerns.

That isn't to say that he might not work out for the Bills. Playing in Buffalo, arm strength is important. However, based on how he played at Wyoming, which was not a bad team while he was there, NFL defensive coordinators have to be licking their lips for the chance to face him, especially early on if he beats out AJ McCarron for the starting role anytime soon.

Still, no quarterback in this draft was perfect. Mayfield has off-field concerns stemming from his arrest, his personality definitely isn't for everyone, and his size isn't what you usually find in an NFL quarterback. He wound up being the first pick.

Sam Darnold was very turnover prone, and has some mechanics questions. Josh Rosen suffered a number of injuries during his time at UCLA. Lamar Jackson wasn't always the most accurate player at Louisville.

Hopefully, for the Bills' sake, Allen takes a big step forward. As Hasselbeck says at the end, there is nothing saying he can't improve, but he's definitely a project right now.