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Josh Norman Has Bold Message For Titans RB Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry sends Josh Norman flying during a Tennessee Titans win over the Buffalo Bills in 2020.


Josh Norman became victim to one of Titans RB Derrick Henry's vicious stiff arms during the 2020 season. Believe it or not, the former Bills DB regrets nothing.

In case you forgot what happened when Norman tried to tackle Henry in Week 5 of the NFL's 2020 season, the Titans bruising back obliterated Norman with one of the more impressive stiff arms you'll ever see. Norman flew about three yards in the air before falling to the ground.

Take a look.

Until this point, we had no clue why Norman attempted such a high tackle on one of the biggest backs in the NFL. We now have the answer. Norman admitted this week he was trying to strip the ball during the play, which is why he was so upright when Henry proceeded to toss the Bills DB to the ground. If he had to do it all over again, Norman would do the exact same thing and try to strip the ball, he told Pat McAfee this week.

Whatever you say, Josh Norman. But something tells us the former All-Pro will get a bit lower on his next tackle attempt against Derrick Henry. That is, unless Norman wants to become a meme again.

The former Bills defensive back is set to become a free agent this off-season. There's a chance he returns to Buffalo, but on a much lower price tag. Norman made $6 million in one season playing for the Bills in 2020.

The free agent isn't the quality starter like he once was, but he still has value thanks to his experience and overall skill and high impact on a low snap count.