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Friend Of Delicia Cordon Alleges LeSean McCoy Sent Men To 'Pistol Whip And Rob' His Ex-Girlfriend

LeSean McCoy interview on SportsCenter.

LeSean McCoy update: another friend of his alleged victim has come forward with details of what is said to have happened. The alleged victim has also been identified by the friend as Delicia Cordon.

This morning, an image of a badly injured woman were posted to Instagram. The caption of the photo tags the superstar Buffalo Bills running back, accusing him of being responsible.

She also posted a litany of other allegations, including abuse of his young son, his dog, and drug and steroid use. In responses to the post, she also insinuates that a police report has been filed.

ESPN's Diana Russini reports that the team is looking into the violent allegations against McCoy.

Now, another friend of Delicia Cordon has posted about the allegations against LeSean McCoy.

A person named Cicely Billups posted the same side-by-side photos of Cordon to Facebook. In the caption, she says that McCoy sent men to "pistol whip and rob" Cordon. Once again, the image posted below is disturbing: Busted Coverage has looked into Cordon's social media. She posted photos and videos with McCoy, including one from the sideline of a Bills game.

McCoy flatly denied the allegations in a statement after the photos first hit Instagram this morning.

We'll have more on this LeSean McCoy situation as it unfolds.