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Von Miller Reveals His Job Goal Once He Retires From Playing

Von Miller has at least a few years of football left in him. When the time comes for him to retire, however, he won't completely leave the game behind.

While on The Pat McAfee Show this Thursday, Miller revealed that he wants to be a general manager after he retires. 

"I'm a fan of football in general, I'm a fan of players, I'm a fan of schemes. Eventually, I want to be a GM," Miller said. "That's my goal, to be a GM."  

It can take NFL players a few years to figure out what they want to do once they retire. So, it's nice to see Miller already set lofty goals for himself.

Before Miller can fully shift his focus towards being a general manager, he'll have to spend the next few years rushing the passer. He signed a six-year, $120 million contract with the Buffalo Bills this offseason. 

Any chatter about Miller being "washed up" was put to rest during the playoffs. He had 14 combined tackles, six quarterback hits and four sacks in the postseason. 

The Bills are hopeful Miller is the missing piece to their championship puzzle.