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Watch: The End Of The 1st Half Of Bills-Seahawks Was A Total Mess

The end of the first half of the Bills vs. Seahawks game.

The first half of tonight's Monday night clash between the Buffalo Bills and Seattle Seahawks ended on an insane note.

In the final seconds of the half, the Bills lined up for a field goal attempt. On the play, not only was Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman wildly offsides, he proceeded to take out the legs of Bills kicker Dan Carpenter in what was a pretty blatant cheap shot.

Blatant, that is, to everyone but the refs. They called Sherman for being offsides, but inexplicably ignored what seemed like an obvious roughing penalty. Carpenter was understandably shaken up, and had to be tended to by the medical staff, even though he tried to wave them off. Now, here is where things get really interesting. Because the medical staff had to come out on the field, Carpenter was required by NFL regulations to sit out one play.

As a result, the Bills had to rush to the line and spike the ball with three seconds left in order to allow him to come back out and attempt the kick.

In the meantime, Bills coach Rex Ryan serenaded the officials with a lovely array of colorful language.

So, anyway, Carpenter came back out to try again, and he made the kick from 49 yards out. However, the officials had blown the play dead because the Bills committed a delay of game penalty. For some reason, one official stood over the ball until there were five seconds remaining on the play clock, which likely caused the Bills to snap late.

After all this, Carpenter finally did attempt a kick from 54 yards out...and he missed it, naturally. Thus ended a truly bizarre sequence.

On Twitter, several NFL officiating experts appeared to indicate the officials made some errors.

Nice use of a pun by Pereira.

Just another eventful night in the NFL.