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Video: ESPN's Jemele Hill Blasts Kate Upton For Her Tweet Regarding The National Anthem

Jemele Hill on ESPN explaining her point.

ESPN His & Hers host Jemele Hill has some thoughts on Kate Upton's tweets from Sunday.

Sunday afternoon, after seeing Miami Dolphins running back Arian Foster and four of his teammates join Colin Kaepernick in his protest of racial injustice by kneeling for the national anthem, supermodel Kate Upton offered some thoughts on Twitter. Upton called the move "unacceptable" - making note of the fact that it was 9/11.

Monday, ESPN's Jemele Hill fired back at Upton on His & Hers. Hill noted that Upton never tweeted any frustration when her uncle, in the past, voted down a first responders bill regarding 9/11.

Here's video - Hill speaks on the topic for about two minutes.

Hill, before the show, also offered her opinion on Twitter.

Kaepernick's protest - along with all of the other protests that have come since - has certainly sparked a national debate. The movement doesn't appear to be slowing down, either.