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Jonathan Martin's Instagram Story About Being A Bully Victim Appears To Have Forced His High School To Shut Down

A shotgun on a bed from Jonathan Martin's Instagram.

A major high school in Los Angeles was closed Friday due to a "security risk" and it appears that a former student - Jonathan Martin, who played in the NFL for the Miami Dolphins - may be the reason.

Harvard-Westlake High School in Studio City was closed on Friday after an unnerving social media post was discovered by authorities. Per the Los Angeles Times:

The alert was sent out after a former student published a social media post about being bullied on the campus, according to a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department. The student did not make a direct threat, police said.

A few hours later, a number of Twitter users posted photos of an Instagram story that was reportedly posted under the account of Martin in the past 24 hours. It features the names of two of his high school classmates - James Dunleavy and T.J. Taylor - and two of his teammates on the Miami Dolphins - Richie Incognito and Mike Pouncey.

The post also includes a photo of a shotgun with two hashtags - #HarvardWestlake and #MiamiDolphins. There's a quote too:

"When you're a bully victim & a coward, your options are suicide, or revenge."

Martin's account is verified, but private. It's a frightening post, to say the least.

Martin, if you remember, was reportedly bullied by a number of former Miami Dolphins teammates - including Incognito and Pouncey. Incognito was eventually suspended. He later signed with the Buffalo Bills a year later.

Could it have been posted by someone who hacked Martin's account as a sick joke? Maybe. It's assumed that authorities are currently looking into the authenticity of the story. Either way, this is very, very scary.