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Kurt Warner Reacts To Dolphins' Ryan Fitzpatrick Decision

Kurt Warner wearing a suit on the sideline.

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - FEBRUARY 02: Football commentator Kurt Warner is shown prior to Super Bowl XLVIII between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks at MetLife Stadium on February 2, 2014 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The biggest storyline this week in the NFL involves the Miami Dolphins' decision to make Tua Tagovailoa their starting quarterback moving forward. It was a surprising move considering how well Ryan Fitzpatrick has played.

Fitzpatrick spoke to the media today about Miami's decision to name Tagovailoa the starter. His comments were just heartbreaking to read.

"My heart just hurt all day," Fitzpatrick said. "I’ve been a starter, I’ve been benched all kinds of different ways…but this was kind of the first place other than Buffalo that I’ve been fully committed and invested. I felt it was my team."

Though it might not help Fitzpatrick during this tough time, former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner went on Twitter to share a similar situation that he went through back in 2004.

"I know what my man Fitzpatrick is feeling, in 2004 with the New York Giants we were a playoff team after nine games (and I wasn't playing as well as Fitz) when they moved to Eli Manning - sucked for me - but I knew it wasn't about that season but the future and I'd have to say it worked out pretty well for the G-Men," Warner wrote on Twitter.

Manning replied to Warner's story, saying "Thanks for being such a class act and great mentor for me."

The good news for the Dolphins is that there is zero animosity between Fitzpatrick and Tagovailoa.

When talking to the media today, Tagovailoa said "Like I’ve continued to say, although it kind of hurts me in a way to see Fitz hurt, I’m just very, very lucky to have someone like Fitz in my corner regardless of the situation that we’re in right now."

Football fans will get to see Tua make his first start for Miami next weekend.