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Mike Greenberg Says 1 Quarterback Is Under 'Most Pressure'

ESPN personality Mike Greenberg.


A lot of quarterbacks will be facing pressure to up their game in 2021. Whether it's QBs with new teams, or QBs who came close to making the playoffs, some may find themselves at a crossroads if they don't go a step further.

But ESPN's Mike Greenberg believes that there's one quarterback with the most pressure to succeed. On Thursday's edition of Get Up, Greenberg declared that Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa is under the most pressure.

Greenberg explained that expectations are high in Miami after their successful 2020 campaign where they just barely missed the playoffs. He feels that Miami needs "high-level quarterback play" to make the playoffs - and could potentially make a deep run if they get it. But now Tua has to prove that he can give it to Miami.

“They feel they have a team that could get into the playoffs and maybe even deep into the playoffs if they get high-level quarterback play,” Greenberg said, via 247Sports. “There were a lot of excuses made for him last year... But now I think that is the time to prove that he is the player a lot of teams were talking about tanking for.”

Tua Tagovailoa caught a lot of people off guard last week when he admitted that he didn't know the playbook that well as a rookie in 2020. But with an extra year in the system, he'll have no excuses not to be up to speed in 2021.

As a rookie starter taking over midseason, Tagovailoa went 6-3 and went over a month without throwing an interception. But his production dipped in the final few games of the season, and the Dolphins missed the playoffs.

In the ensuing offseason, countless rumors emerged that Miami might move Tua to upgrade with a veteran like Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson or even Aaron Rodgers. Nothing came of that though, and the Dolphins instead drafted one of Tua's former Alabama teammates, Jaylen Waddle, to join their stacked receiving corps.

Miami look primed to be as good or better than last year though. And if Tua does take the leap that Mike Greenberg says he should, they'll be very, very dangerous.

Is Tua Tagovailoa under the most pressure to succeed in 2021?