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What NFL Fans Are Saying About Nick Saban's Dolphins Tenure

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins

MIAMI - DECEMBER 10: Head coach Nick Saban of the Miami Dolphins claps for his defense after a key series of downs against the New England Patriots at Dolphin Stadium on December 10, 2006 in Miami, Florida. The Dolphins defeated the Patriots 21-0. (Photo by Paul Spinelli/Getty Images)

Before turning into the greatest coach in college football history at Alabama, Nick Saban was trying to build a Super Bowl contender with the Miami Dolphins. However, things reportedly went off the rails during his tenure with the team.

Earlier this week, Fox Sports insider Jay Glazer shared an interesting story involving Saban's tenure with the Dolphins. He said the Alabama coach nearly fought Daunte Culpepper and Zach Thomas.

"Nick Saban, the reason why he didn’t make it in the NFL, Daunte Culpepper tried to fight him one day and the security guy stepped in," Glazer said on The Herd. "And then I think his final straw is that he questioned Zach Thomas’ toughness and Zach almost kicked his butt. That just doesn’t work on this level."

The reason Glazer brought this story up is because he was asked about how Urban Meyer will handle the transition from college to the pros.

Saban has gained a ton of respect over the past two decades, but the NFL world is baffled by the fact that he nearly fought two players in his locker room. On the flip side, some fans don't blame him for leaving - especially since Thomas was one tough player.

The odds of Saban returning to the NFL are quite slim. After all, he won't have to worry about players fighting him at the collegiate level.

Saban's methods are clearly working with his student-athletes. Every season he constantly sends a handful of players to the NFL. Also, we haven't heard about any altercation in the Crimson Tide's locker room.