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Antonio Brown Sends A New Message To Tom Brady

Antonio Brown and Tom Brady celebrate a Patriots touchdown.

MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 15: Antonio Brown #17 of the New England Patriots hugsTom Brady #12 after catching a touchdown in the second quarter of the game against the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium on September 15, 2019 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)

There's no guarantee that Antonio Brown returns to the NFL next season. If he does though, the All-Pro wideout wants to play alongside Tom Brady.

It's been a hectic year for Brown, who was recently charged with burglary with battery, burglary of an unoccupied conveyance and criminal mischief less than $1,000. Let's not forget that he's also under league investigation for sexual assault allegations.

Brown has burnt a few bridges over the past few months, but he's gone above and beyond to make sure he remains on good terms with Brady. During an appearance on Complex's 'Load Management' podcast he shared a message for the Patriots legend.

"Tom if you listening to this, I love you bro. Yeah, send this to Tom," Brown said on the 'Load Management' podcast. "I would've had 2,000 yards last year, but they brought down the movement. Wherever Tom goes, I think I want to play with Tom."

Brown also said that Brady is a great supporter of his, but the six-time Super Bowl champion obviously isn't pleased with everything he's done.

"I haven't done everything the right way or perfect. And we all haven't," Brown said. "I know you all have been mad before, reacted out of emotion or anger. Maybe said some things you ain't mean. You know, that's normal human things."

Hopefully this means that Brown has turned the corner and will try to correct his past mistakes.

Do you think we'll see Brady and Brown on the same team next season?