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Donald Trump Claims Bill Belichick Once Kissed Him, Professed His Love

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is apparently very affectionate toward Donald Trump, according to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump and the New England Patriots share many connections, though it appears only one party is willing to talk about them. The New York Times delved into the relationship on Wednesday with a story on their "love affair," and there's...a lot to unpack, to say the least. The entire thing is worth a read, but one portion is so uncomfortable it needs to be addressed all on its own. Here's Trump telling a story about meeting Bill Belichick on the sidelines at a game:

“So I go to the Patriots game last year,” Trump said. “I’m on the sidelines with Kraft. He’s got Les Moonves right here. He’s got a lot of different people. And Belichick comes over in his Patriots sweatshirt and the hoodie and the whole thing. He hugs me, and he kisses me, and he said: ‘I love you. You’re the greatest.’” Trump sat at his cluttered desk and seemed almost dreamy at the memory, as if the reception from Belichick genuinely moved him. “He just feels warmly toward me, Belichick does,” Trump said. “Isn’t that the craziest thing?”

It certainly is crazy, because that doesn't sound at all like the grouchy curmuddgeon we've come to know as Bill Belichick. The very image of Belichick saying "I love you" and kissing anyone at all is not only deeply unsettling, but it sounds highly unlikely. At any rate, I'm sorry for introducing that visual into your mind.