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Everyone's TV Just Went Black During The Super Bowl

A black screen.

This was bizarre.

As much as people watch the Super Bowl for the game itself, the commercials are also quite popular. Every year, viewers get excited to see what advertisers come up with.

We may have just seen the most...unique...commercial break in Super Bowl history.

In the second quarter of tonight's game, the New England Patriots kicked a field goal to make the score 15-6. The broadcast then went to commercial break.

And then, nothing happened. The screen went black for almost 15 seconds.

If you search Twitter, you'll see plenty of confused viewers who thought their feed went out. The screen was black for 12 seconds.

It is $5 million for a 30-second Super Bowl ad. If someone really did screw up the commercial, it will cost NBC over $2 million.

That's an expensive error.

What a weird night this has been so far.

The Super Bowl is on NBC.