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Who's The Girl In The Yellow Tail Commercial? Ellie Gonsalves

Who was the girl in the Yellow Tail wine commercial during the Super Bowl? Ellie Gonsalves, of course.

The commercials during this year's Super Bowl haven't been stellar thus far, but you can bet that football fans are searching for one particular woman at the moment. Yellow Tail, one of the world's most popular wine brands, aired a commercial that featured model Ellie Gonsalves. She wasn't that well-known before the spot. She will be now.

Check it out: conducted an interview with Gonsalves about the spot. Here's what she had to say:

In an exclusive interview with, Gonsalves revealed that she was found by Yellow Tail when they were looking for an Australian to be part of the spot. “They were looking for someone who they felt would be a good representative of the brand and Australia – and they chose me! I feel really honored, this is a huge deal for me, I grew up in Brisbane, Australia… and now this is going to be seen by 85+ million people around the world!” Ellie added on that the commercial is part of Yellow Tail’s new campaign, “Let’s Yellow Tail”, which “shows the fun side of wine and embodies what this brand is all about.”

Gonsalves repped the clip on her Instagram all week too:

Did you like the ad? Will you buy Yellow Tail as a result? It'll be interesting to see if they make their money back (ads went for $5 million this year) on the decision.