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Julian Edelman Has Landed A New Job Following Retirement

Julian Edelman speaking to the media.

ATLANTA, GA - FEBRUARY 4: Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots is interviewed at a press conference naming him MVP of Super Bowl LIII on February 4, 2019 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

A little over a week after announcing his retirement from the NFL, former New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman revealed that he has a new job already lined up.

On Wednesday, the three-time Super Bowl champion announced that he's joining the cast of Inside the NFL. He also mentioned that his production company, Coast Productions, is going to partner with ViacomCBS to produce movies, shows and documentaries.

Edelman first broke the news on his Twitter account this afternoon.

"Annnnd action," Edelman tweeted. "Coast Productions is teaming up with ViacomCBS! We're gonna make movies, shows and docs on networks like Showtime, Nickelodeon and Paramount+. Speaking of which, I'm also joining the legendary cast at Inside the NFL. Y'all, let's get to work."

This is fantastic news for Edelman, who should be a great addition to the Inside the NFL crew.

Edelman admit that he's a tad nervous about joining a crew that features a handful of TV veterans, but he's excited about the opportunity.

"I’ve always been a fan of Inside the NFL, and the different way they have shown football, from the cinematography to the slow highlights, and the all-star cast they’ve had,” Edelman said, via Deadline. “It’ll just be fun to share what’s on my mind, but those guys have been in the TV world for over a decade. That’s a whole lot of nerves, like back when I got drafted in the seventh round by New England, and I was a quarterback from a small school who never played receiver. I have to make this team, and prove what I can do. That’s the mind-set I have, nervous but excited.”

It seems like life after football won't be too bad for Edelman.