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Look: Julian Edelman Reveals Tom Brady Postgame Secret

Tom Brady talks to Julian Edelman.

Former New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman appeared on the "Calm Down with Erin and Charissa" podcast this week. During his time on the show, he revealed a secret about Tom Brady. 

Charissa Thompson said Rob Gronkowski once told her that Brady doesn't shower after practice. This led to Edelman saying Brady was "a guy who shower pilled a lot." 

Thankfully, Edelman provided a definition for shower pill.

"If you don't take a shower after practice or after work, you're taking a shower pill," Edelman said. "That's what people used to call it."

Edelman added that Brady would sometimes use two shower heads after a game. Of course, this would be during the times that he wasn't "taking a shower pill." 

Brady has not yet responded to these claims. He doesn't really come off as a player who skips the shower after practice, but Gronkowski and Edelman are reliable sources. 

Are you surprised by Brady's post-work secret habits?