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Peyton Manning's Subtle Comment On The Patriots Is Going Viral

A closeup of Peyton Manning.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - NOVEMBER 20: Former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning watches action prior to a game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans at Lucas Oil Stadium on November 20, 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

NFL fans were treated to a surprise when legendary NFL quarterback Peyton Manning joined the Monday Night Football Megacast last night. Manning couldn't help but take a subtle shot at the New England Patriots during the game.

Manning hasn't been shy when it comes to taking shots at the Patriots. He had plenty of intense battles with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick over the years. Now retired, Manning pretty much has the freedom to say whatever he wants.

The former Colts and Broncos quarterback joined Rece Davis, Kirk Herbstreit and Charles Barkley during Monday Night Football's Megacast last night. It didn't take long for Manning to slyly mention the Patriots.

Manning was discussing the protocol on coaches telling quarterbacks the play through the means of a headset. He mentioned teams have until 15 seconds left on the play-clock to get the call in. Once there's just 15 seconds left, the feed is cut. But Manning made it clear certain teams, specifically teams in the "Northeast," don't follow the protocol. Take a look below.

Given the Patriots' past scandals, it's pretty easy to figure out Peyton Manning's referring to New England.

Luckily, it's all jokes for Manning now. Plus, Tom Brady isn't even in New England anymore.

Jokes aside, Manning is a natural in the broadcasting world. We're still hoping he takes a crack at the Monday Night Football gig in coming years.