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Skip Bayless Predicts Major Patriots Quarterback Trade

Skip Bayless discussing ESPN's all-time list.


Skip Bayless believes the New England Patriots are going to make a major quarterback trade at some point during the 2021 NFL Draft.

The Patriots offense is currently led by Cam Newton, but he in no way has locked up the starting gig. New England signed the former NFL MVP to another one-year deal, but need to find a more longterm solution as soon as possible: insert Jimmy Garoppolo.

Bayless believes the Patriots will indeed acquire Garoppolo from the San Francisco 49ers by this coming Sunday. The potential move would reunite the veteran quarterback with Bill Belichick and the organization.

The Niners will clearly move on from Garoppolo at some point over the next year. They might as well trade him now while there's interest.

“I’m gonna say a big ‘yes’ to that (happening), and I’m gonna say ‘no’ on the idea of doing it, because it’ll be a bad idea for Belichick,” Bayless said during Tuesday's episode of Undisputed.

Bayless went on to back up his claim in a tweet following the show.

"I believe Bill Belichick wants to show the world that he could and would have won with Jimmy G starting in 2017, and I think he will be dead wrong about that," Bayless said on Twitter.

Take a look.

A trade for Jimmy G wouldn't excite a ton of fans, but it's not the worst idea. Cam Newton didn't play well last season. And it's hard to believe he's going to improve with age.

Adding Garoppolo to the mix adds some quality depth and competition to the quarterback unit. And he's already worked with Bill Belichick, so it'd be a quick transition.

Will the Patriots acquire Garoppolo in a trade at some point this week? Stay tuned.