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Tom Brady Appears To Be Staging A Silent Protest Against The NFL On His Helmet

Tom Brady wearing something on his helmet to protest the NFL.


DeflateGate may technically be over, but it doesn't look like Tom Brady is ready to move on just yet.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will not play in his team's first four games as he serves out a suspension from the seemingly never-ending DeflateGate scandal. But while he may have lost in court, he still appears to be making it known that the NFL has not gotten the best of him.

This past Thursday night, it was discovered that Brady appears to have removed the NFL logo from his helmet. In fact, he hasn't been wearing a helmet with the league's logo at all this preseason. He was wearing it, however, last season.

Here are a few screenshots.

Here's a photo of what the back of Brady's helmet used to look like.

Brady has not commented on the decision.

The NFL doesn't take kindly to players doctoring uniforms or helmets. We'll see if the league goes after him...again.