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Urban Meyer Told A Great Story About Watching Tom Brady Practice

Urban Meyer holding his tie.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 20: Former player Urban Meyer, rumored to be the next USC head coach, appears at the USC game against the Utah Utes at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on September 20, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

Urban Meyer didn't have any NFL coaching experience prior to accepting the head coaching job with the Jaguars. However, the three-time national title-winning head coach has spent plenty of time around NFL teams.

The Jaguars' new head coach told a great story to Peter King about going up to New England to watch the Patriots practice.

Meyer said he came away in awe of Tom Brady and his competitiveness.

“I got to witness Tom Brady first-hand and it was the last day of a mini camp in June. I had been to a few of those and usually people had one foot out the door. They just got done with a very long, seven/eight weeks in the offseason. You’re talking about the greatest quarterback of all time. Mike Vrabel was there. Tedy Bruschi was there. I was blown away.

“The last day of mini-camp, they’re in shorts, helmets, and they’re doing a two-minute drill. And Tom Brady is treating it like it’s the Super Bowl. He goes down and he scores with two seconds left to win that scrimmage. Ran around the field like a child—that’s how competitive he is. I went back immediately to my quarterbacks and shared with them that I just watched the greatest of all time, and the way you’re supposed to practice, the way you’re supposed to provide energy to the rest of your team and the way you lead your team. I was blown away at Tom Brady and the way he performed at practice. And the way I went into the offensive meetings with Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady and Tom Brady’s actually the one who had the clicker in his hand. It was amazing. He was in there running the film. He had the offensive line sitting there, running backs, receivers, and Tom Brady was running the clicker and watching practice film, dissecting the plays with the offense. Think about that for a minute. You can say he throws a great pass. But people that really understand the game—there’s much more than that that makes him the best of all time.”

Meyer is obviously hoping that Trevor Lawrence will be a similar player.

While it's not official yet, the Jaguars are widely expected to select the former Clemson Tigers star at No. 1 overall in next month's NFL Draft.

Lawrence will not be attending the NFL Draft in person, though. ESPN's Adam Schefter reported on Sunday that Lawrence will be watching the draft at Clemson.

"Despite NFL’s invite, Lawrence never wavered in his desire to watch draft at Clemson," Schefter reported.