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Watch: Two Fans Went Streaking On The Field During Jets-Colts Tonight

The home fans at tonight's New York Jets-Indianapolis Colts game haven't had much to cheer about.

The Jets are down 41-3 in the second half. They look really, really bad. In fact, the biggest roars from the crowd came when two fans made their way onto the field to streak.

Here's a look at the men running. The footage is from a fan sitting in the upper deck.

Now here's the broadcast footage of the field rush, courtesy of Kevin McGuire. Of course, ESPN isn't allowed to show the fans on screen, but play-by-play man Sean McDonough's description of the action was excellent.

"Two shirtless male fans ran onto the field," McDonough said. "Showed pretty good speed and then they both got plastered by security guards. That's the biggest cheer of the night."

Like we said, nice job there by McDonough. He's not quite Kevin Harlan-level, but still, well-done.

Here's a photo of one of the guys, courtesy of the Indianapolis Star.

No word on how far the fans traveled once they were on the field, but they might have had the most explosive play of the night for the Jets.

At least the fans who showed up got some entertainment.