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Jimmy Johnson Shares His Thoughts On The Jets' Situation

Jimmy Johnson on FOX.

The Herd.

The Jets won on Sunday, but it came at a major cost. They're now slotted to select second overall in the 2021 NFL Draft, meaning Trevor Lawrence likely isn't heading to the Big Apple.

The Jets have been in the Lawrence sweepstakes all season long. They had yet to win a game until Sunday when New York upset the Los Angeles Rams.

The team's first victory of the season allowed the Jacksonville Jaguars to move up to No. 1 in the 2021 NFL Draft pecking order. Of course, there's still two weeks left for the Jaguars to possibly win a game, allowing the Jets to move back into first. But in the event the current draft order remains the same (Jets at No. 2), what should New York do with the pick?

Former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson has an idea. Rather than targeting a quarterback other than Lawrence, Johnson believes the Jets should stick with Sam Darnold and use the No. 2 pick to keep improving the roster elsewhere than the quarterback position.

Jimmy Johnson's got a point here. Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields is no longer considered a sure-fire pick, so why take the risk?

Instead, the Jets should stick with Sam Darnold and improve the roster by perhaps adding another elite offensive lineman like Oregon's Penei Sewell.

The bottom line is the Jets don't have a roster capable of protecting a young quarterback through adversity. Fields, most likely being an NFL project, would have a tough time in New York.

The Jets may look at an offensive lineman or wind up trading their potential No. 2 pick come next year's draft.