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Mike Greenberg Has Blunt Message For Jets QB Sam Darnold

ESPN personality Mike Greenberg.


ESPN host Mike Greenberg has a blunt message for New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold amidst the team's terrible season in 2020.

Darnold has shown great promise at times in New York, but some of the fan base is already pushing to move on. The Jets have yet to win a game and could be in position to select Trevor Lawrence at No. 1 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Greenberg, meanwhile, is sick of the idea that Darnold needs to prove himself. He believes he's been severely hurt by playing for the Jets. While Greenberg is a fan of Darnold, he believes he'd be better off elsewhere.

"The idea that Sam Darnold is auditioning to remain the QB of the Jets is so ludicrous it is actually insulting. This franchise has done everything imaginable to ruin his career. The best thing that could happen to him will be getting the hell out," he tweeted.

Darnold might get that opportunity.

If the Jets get the No. 1 overall pick - and it's looking like they will - it's tough to imagine them passing on Lawrence.

When that happens, Darnold will probably hit the trade market and get a fresh start somewhere else.