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The New York Jets And Buffalo Bills Twitter Accounts Had A Trolling War Today

New York Jets, Buffalo Bills engage in a Twitter war hours before the AFC East rivals actually play on the field.

We're about three hours away from the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills kicking off in a pivotal Week 2 match-up. Both teams are 0-1, and neither can afford to start 0-2.

The Jets have a rough schedule ahead, and an 0-2 start would diminish their playoff odds. The Bills, meanwhile, have a coach on the hot seat, so an 0-2 start wouldn't do Rex Ryan any good.

Before the game began, the two teams engaged in an entertaining Twitter war. It all started innocently enough, when the Jets clarified they will be wearing their typical all-white road jerseys instead of an all-green NFL "Color Rush" get-up.

The Bills are wearing their all-red "Color Rush" uni, but the Jets can't wear all-green because when the two squads played a "Color Rush" game last year, fans afflicted with colorblindness couldn't tell the teams apart. Still, that perfectly rational explanation didn't stop the Bills' Twitter from trolling.

And you know that the Jets couldn't let that slight slide. They responded with a jab at the city of Buffalo, which has certainly taken its share of jokes over the years.

The Bills took it in stride, however.

That was fun. For actual football action, the Jets and Bills will get underway at 8:25 p.m. ET on TWTR, CBS and the NFL Network.