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Terrelle Pryor Got Ripped By His Head Coach Today

Terrelle Pryor speaks to the media.

It hasn't been a good day for Terrelle Pryor.

The New York Jets wide receiver is trying to find the effectiveness that he had in his breakout 2016 season. Today, he got embarrassed at practice on the field, and afterward by his coach.

The team had a joint-practice with Washington today, Pryor's old team. It doesn't seem like he made a great impression with defensive back D.J. Swearinger.

After getting beat in a one-on-one drill by another defensive back, second-year Michigan State product Montae Nicholson, Swearinger and Pryor got into it. At one point, Swearinger motioned like he might swing on Pryor, and the former Ohio State superstar flinched with basically his entire body.

Jets head coach Todd Bowles isn't thrilled with Terrelle Pryor either.

On Monday, Pryor told the media that he broke his ankle in the spring. The severity of the injury hadn't been known. From The Washington Post:

“It’s a miracle,” he said, disclosing the unexpected injury news to reporters following Monday’s second joint practice between the Redskins and his new team, the New York Jets.

“One was the foot, one was the ankle,” he said, after being asked for clarification on his surgeries. “I tore three ligaments in my ankle — my foot — and then I broke my ankle in May.”

When asked about it, Bowles didn't take to the surprise injury update well.

Bowles is always very tight-lipped when it comes to player injuries. This certainly wasn't the way for Pryor to get on his coach's good side.