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Lamar Jackson Is Reportedly 'Not Happy' In Baltimore

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson in Cleveland.

CLEVELAND, OH - DECEMBER 12: Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (8) warms up prior to the National Football League game between the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns on December 12, 2021, at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, OH. (Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Hours before the Baltimore Ravens are set to play on Thursday Night Football, FS1's Skip Bayless dropped a juicy report on Lamar Jackson.

According to Bayless, who cited a "credible source inside the Ravens locker room," said that Jackson "is not happy that the Baltimore Ravens have refused to pay him the way the Browns paid Deshaun Watson." 

This unhappiness has not affected Jackson's effort on the field during games, but it has changed his behavior during the week, per Bayless. 

"Lamar Jackson is so upset over his contract that he's effectively 'holding out' without holding out," Bayless said. "Lamar is no longer as engaged or responsive during meetings. You might say he is sometimes withdrawn during meetings; that's not at all like the Lamar we used to know and love.

"Occasionally, Lamar has been a little late for a meeting, a little late for a practice, something he'd never have done before. Again, these aren't end of the world developments, but obviously Lamar Jackson is not the all-in, intensely dedicated, ultra-disciplined Lamar that the Ravens have come to know and trust over his first four seasons."

Take what you will from Bayless' report. It might all be true, it might partially be true. No one can know for sure. 

Jackson is currently playing out the fifth and final year of his rookie deal after failing to reach an agreement on a long-term extension with the Ravens before the start of this season.

As of now, he is set to enter free agency in the offseason, though it's entirely possible the Ravens sign him to a deal before that can happen.