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Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis Trashed For Saying NFL Celebrations Are "Not A Good Example For Young People"

The NFL is reversing course on its harsh stance against touchdown celebrations, and will allow most celebrations—including group celebrations—once again. Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis isn't a fan, and is receiving a ton of heat for his stance.

After the news about the relaxed stance on celebrations broke today, Lewis said that he believes they set a bad example for young people. From ESPN:

“I’m not for that at all,” Lewis, who is on the NFL Competition Committee, said of the change. “We had a good standard, and the whole standard has always been, you want to teach people how to play the game the correct way and go about it the correct way, and that’s not a very good example for young people.”

Lewis is probably not alone in that stance, but he also may not be the best person to deliver that message. His Bengals employ some of the most controversial players in the league, and recently drafted Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon, who was seen on video assaulting a fellow OU student on camera ahead of his freshman season.

People on Twitter have not been shy in blasting Lewis for this seemingly inconsistent set of priorities.

Even commissioner Roger Goodell, the person that was probably most connected to the "No Fun League" moniker before today, has rebuked Lewis' criticism, though obviously he didn't bring up the Bengals' history of acquiring players with off-field incidents.

The Bengals and the NFL has plenty of issues to worry about. Players having some fun after touchdowns really isn't one of them.