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Video: Baker Mayfield Bought A Former Browns QB A Present

A closeup of Baker Mayfield in a Cleveland Browns headband.

Baker Mayfield wasn't the only rookie quarterback at Browns training camp. He was joined by former Eastern Michigan star Brogan Roback.

Roback quickly became a focus of this season of Hard Knocks, as a major longshot to make the team as a back-up quarterback.

Unfortunately, with Mayfield, Tyrod Taylor, and veteran Drew Stanton on the roster, it was always unlikely for Roback to make the team. He was waived following the preseason.

He didn't leave Cleveland completely empty-handed though.

Baker Mayfield bought his fellow rookie Brogan Roback a cool gift: an electric scooter.

Roback took to Twitter to thank Mayfield.

It may not be a spot in the Browns' quarterback RV, but its not a bad consolation prize, I guess. A better one would be a spot on an NFL roster.

That is what Roback has been trying to lock down since being cut by the Browns. He recently had a workout with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tampa is currently starting Ryan Fitzpatrick, who had an unexpected superstar performance in Week 1, leading the team past the Saints on the road.

Incumbent starter and former No. 1 pick Jameis Winston is currently suspended. Ryan Griffin is currently serving as back-up.