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Baker Mayfield Has New Comment On What He Thinks About Colin Cowherd

Baker Mayfield and Colin Cowherd debate on FS1.

Baker Mayfield appears on FS1's The Herd.

Baker Mayfield and Colin Cowherd have shared a contentious few months. Cowherd has said that he wouldn't take Baker Mayfield as a franchise quarterback, and the two had a very interesting interview on The Herd last month.

Between the end of the 2017 college football season, during which Mayfield won the Heisman and led Oklahoma to the College Football Playoff, and that interview, Cowherd would knock the young quarterback at every turn.

In late 2017, Cowherd called Mayfield "pudgy," way before that less-than-flattering photo came out. Mayfield responded with a "thumbs up" emoji.

In February, Cowherd called Mayfield, the eventual No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft, "undraftable."

A few weeks later, he got into it with guest Joel Klatt, comparing Mayfield to Johnny Manziel. Obviously, he isn't the first to draw that comparison, but it doesn't seem particularly fair off the field, and it's lazy in football terms.

Days after Cowherd criticized the Mayfield pick, and the quarterback fired back, the two finally met on the FOX Sports 1 show.

Most people agree that Mayfield won the interview, especially with how he handled an absurd criticism over a celebration from Oklahoma's win over Ohio State.

Baker Mayfield was asked about Colin Cowherd today, and as he often does, he kept things pretty diplomatic.

It is hard to dispute that. Whether or not you like Cowherd's takes, the man fills hours of radio time every single day, and is at least relatively compelling.

That doesn't make his opinions correct, though. Mayfield is out to prove that, and the Browns' faith in him, right over the next few years.