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Photo: Cleveland Browns Fan Had A "We Want Bama" Sign At Today's Game

One Cleveland Browns fan at today's game is tired of watching his team play NFL teams. He brought a pretty hilarious "We Want Bama" sign to the Browns vs. Steelers.

With Alabama's recent domination of college football, college fans around the country will (usually jokingly) say that they want to see their teams face the Crimson Tide after big wins. At the same time, the Cleveland Browns have proven to be one of the worst franchises in pro sports.

As a result, people often debate whether the Crimson Tide could beat the Browns. The answer is almost certainly no, but that doesn't stop it from coming up. Combining these two fun sports things, we get this: a Browns fan with a "We Want Bama" sign. It is as good as you can imagine.

We appreciate everything about this. Well done, Browns fans. Unfortunately for them, the Browns did what they do best, falling to the rival Pittsburgh Steelers 24-9. Cleveland is now 0-11 on the season.