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Colin Cowherd Has Predictable Reaction To Baker Mayfield Blowup

FS1's Colin Cowherd.

Colin Cowherd speaks on the air on FS1.

Baker Mayfield has been a frequent target of Colin Cowherd's criticism since before he even entered the NFL. Therefore, you knew Cowherd would have something to say about the latest Mayfield dust-up with the press.

Earlier today, Mayfield took exception to a question from ESPN Cleveland's Tony Grossi during a media session. Grossi asked Mayfield if he was happy with the team's drive at the beginning of the fourth quarter of last Sunday's loss to the New England Patriots.

“Was I happy with that drive? No, we didn’t score points. That’s the dumbest question you could ask," Mayfield said before walking off.

Well, Cowherd has weighed in on the incident, and predictably, he's challenged Mayfield's maturity and judgment. This is a topic he's brought up countless times in the past.

"He has no emotional discipline, at all," Cowherd said. You could see his full comments below.

Mayfield attempted to explain his reaction to Grossi's question with a pair of tweets shortly after the exchange happened.

“Everybody wants to hear the truth until they actually get it,” Mayfield wrote. “I am who I am and always have been. Don’t call it emotional when it’s convenient and then passion when it fits. I care about winning, so yeah I’m frustrated. If I was to act like it’s okay to lose, then y’all would say that I’ve gotten complacent. My sense of urgency is at an all time high. And if I offend anybody along the way…that’s too bad,” Mayfield said.

The Browns (2-5) travel to Denver to take on the equally reeling Broncos this Sunday afternoon. Kickoff is at 4:25 p.m. ET,