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Browns Executive Gives Update On Dez Bryant Situation

dez bryant speaks to fox's erin andrews

Dez Bryant Browns update: the former Cowboys star remains unsigned by any NFL team. The wheels are officially in motion for he and Cleveland though.

Bryant and the Browns have been circling each other for weeks. The team has been making moves to surround quarterback Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield with talent.

Earlier in the off-season, they acquired Jarvis Landry from the Dolphins. He has already stepped in as a vocal leader for the young team.

Now, Bryant seems ready to throw his hat in the ring, if the fit is right.

A Dez Bryant Browns visit is officially in the works.

He made the announcement last night, while the Browns were playing in the preseason against the Giants.

It probably doesn't hurt that both Taylor and Mayfield had very strong outings in the game. Cleveland won the road game 20-10. Earlier in the week, it seemed very unclear if a meeting would happen. General manager John Dorsey said that he wasn't able to reach the former Cowboy on the phone.

One unnamed team executive thinks that public call-out might've helped bring Dez to the table.

It is unclear what Dez Bryant has left. Clearly he and Dak Prescott weren't the same quarterback-receiver fit that he and Tony Romo were.

If he is anywhere near what he was in his prime years, though, he is definitely worth a flyer.