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Look: Baker Mayfield's Message For NFL Fans Is Going Viral

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield on Sunday against PIttsburgh.

CLEVELAND, OHIO - JANUARY 03: Baker Mayfield #6 of the Cleveland Browns looks on in the second quarter against the Pittsburgh Steelers at FirstEnergy Stadium on January 03, 2021 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

As his future with the Cleveland Browns remains shrouded in mystery, quarterback Baker Mayfield has been publicly discussing how some of the criticism has affected him.

In his explosive appearance on the Ya Neva Know podcast, Mayfield addressed how critics treat professional football players. He mused that the same people who boo NFL players would "crumble" if he were to "show up to somebody’s cubicle and just boo the s-t out of them."

“I would love to show up to somebody’s cubicle and just boo the shit out of them and watch them crumble," Mayfield said. "And I'm wrong for saying that."

He quickly backtracked on that comment, and made it clear he harbors no ill-will against Browns fans. But the comments have been pretty harsh regardless:

"If I got paid 18 million dollars to sit in a cubicle he can boo me all he wants," one fan replied.

"I wonder if Baker knows that's an old Seinfeld joke from 30 years ago," wrote another.

"For 15 mill a year he can boo me all he wants. Heck, he can throw stuff at me even," a third wrote.

Baker Mayfield's defenders in Cleveland were bountiful in his first three years with the team. Especially after he led them to the playoffs in 2020 for the first time in over 15 years.

But after a down 2021, a large portion of the fanbase turned on Mayfield. The organization did too, trading for quarterback Deshaun Watson in a blockbuster deal.

Now Baker Mayfield can only sit and wait, hoping that a team will take him out of Cleveland.