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NFL World Reacts To Deshaun Watson Discipline News

Deshaun Watson introduced as Browns quarterback.

At this point, Deshaun Watson receiving a suspension from the NFL seems like a certainty. The length of his suspension, however, remains unknown. 

According to CBS Sports insider Josina Anderson, the NFL, NFL Players Association and Watson's advisors were unable to reach an agreement on how many games he should be suspended. 

"I'm told there've been recent attempts by the NFL, the NFLPA and Deshaun Watson's advisors to negotiate a discipline settlement," Anderson reported on Twitter. "However talks involving a potential number of games missed "fell apart" not being on the same page. As of now, process moves forward, per league sources."

It has been reported before that the NFL will announce a decision on Watson before training camp. If that's the case, these talks need to ramp up fairly soon.

There are plenty of eyes locked in on this situation. Considering the severity of the allegations being made against Watson, several fans want him to get a lengthy suspension. 

Here are some reactions to the latest report on Watson:

On Tuesday, Tony Buzbee announced that "all but four" of the lawsuits filed against Watson have been settled.

It'll be interesting to see how this saga ends.